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Chairman’s speech

Market competition will let the fittest survive and eliminate the inferior In the wave of market economy, Xinguang people fight against difficulties with hardworking initiative spirit, seize the opportunities brought by the reform and opening up,which drives the company growing at a high speed. We are proud and inspired of what we have achieved, and our success will be the gratifying return for the cares and supports from our community and partners.

Today the wave of globalization and informatization moves through the whole world,the situation often changes at a tremendous pace and the market competition trends toward a higher level and spreads to a wider realm. In the face of a new run of challenges and opportunities, we will adhere to our company culture of”Constant Improvement and Perfection”,rely on the powerful support of our biggest shareholder-Zhejiang AMP Group, expand overseas markets, invite overseas resources, constantly sharp our core edges,forge”Xinguang”brand, continuously improve the company’s core competitiveness and sustainable development capacity,and realize a leap from an excellent enterprise to an outstanding leading one.

Looking to the future, Witha social fighting spirit soars aloft, Xinguang people will provide customers with more excellent products and more high-quality service.We will make greater contribution to the social development in future journey.