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PE blown film series products

  • Sanitary Materials


    Products used in all kinds of dry, wet tissue sanitary materials packaging, with good printing, flatness, stiffness, double-sided heat sealing and other prominent features. The main corresponding product type Clear, Milky White, Matte  

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  • PE Film for Laminated Packaging


    Made by multi-layer co-extrusion blow molding, mainly used for laminated film substrate, can be Laminated with BOPP, PET, NY, aluminum foil, paper, etc. . Advantages It has good transparency, toughness, low temperature non-embrittlement, easy heat sealing,printing and laminated . Product type Ordinary type, enhanced type, anti-pollution type, etc. , can also be made according to […]

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  • Pe Base Film for Tooth Paste Application Film


    Multi-layer co-extrusion production with imported equipment, used for toothpaste, cosmetics and other composite sheet materials, in the daily necessities industry widely used, there are transparent, Milky White, Matt and other types. Advantages Good printing adaptability Good Gloss, stiffness, toughness and puncture resistance Good heat sealing performance, to meet the requirements of high-frequency sealing hose Lower […]

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  • PE Shrink Film


    The film is made of high quality polyethylene and blown by co-extrusion equipment. Products with high strength, good flexibility, impact resistance, shrinkage, transparency and so on, widely used in beverages, mineral water, soda, cans, beer and other packaging, suitable for manual, automatic packaging machine use, can be assembled packaging, small Pallet packing and large shipping […]

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  • Wide Container Bags Application PE-film


    The product is made of selected high-quality LDPE, LLDPE, mLLDPE and other resins, adding high-efficiency functional additives, by three-layer co-extrusion blow molding. Three-layer formula designed separately, can make the difference of internal and external friction coefficient, to meet the different needs of customers. With excellent physical and mechanical properties and Dart impact strength, in line […]

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  • Reflective substrate


    It is used as transfer substrate in the production of reflective material for bead planting. Advantages The film has good thermal viscosity, and the beads are even. It is easy to transplant when planting the reflective substrate and transfer the beads to the reflective material.

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  • Easy Peel Lidding PE Flim


    Normally laminated PET, BOPP, aluminum foil, used in PP, PE, PS Cup body cover film. Product characteristics After heat seal the film is easy to peel , the strength may carry on the adjustment according to the customer’s request.

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  • PE heat-resistant boiling film


    The common compound structure of Pe Heat-resistant water-boiling film packaging is made up of PET, nylon, pure aluminum and PE film, which has good heat sealing strength, good stiffness and toughness. It is used in water-boiling bags or boiling bags under 110 °C. after packaging, it can be refrigerated at 0-18 °C, in udon noodles, […]

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  • PE Powder packaging film


    Properties of products Good ability of anti-powder contamination Good thermal adhesion and heat sealing strength Good transparency and gloss Range of application Pe Powder packaging film is used for automatic packaging of powder materials in chemical, food and medicine industries. This kind of PE powder packaging film is usually made of PET, PET aluminum plating […]

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  • Liquid Application Film


    The product is made of three layers of co-extrusion blow molding. It has good printability, heat sealing, puncture resistance and chemical resistance. It is widely used in liquid milk, beverage, soy sauce, vinegar and detergent. Product type According to market demand can be white film, Black and white film, pearlescent film,and also Matt Film.

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