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Composite Sheet

  • All Plastic Laminated Sheet


    Properties of products Applicate for cosmetics, drugs, food, performance: High Heat seal strength, relative low heat seal temperature, tensile strength and welding strength good, roundness and stiffness. It is divided into high barrier property and low barrier property. It has the advantage of good odor barrier and being able to see the contents. Structure CPE/EOE/CPE […]

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  • Aluminum Foil Laminated Sheet


    Properties of products The hose made of aluminum-plastic laminated sheet is the most widely used for daily use like toothpaste package, followed by health care products, beauty cosmetics and industrial supplies, and now condiment are also being tried, such as tomato paste packaging. Properties: High Barrier Property, high heat seal strength, relative bottom heat seal […]

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  • Al Metallized Laminated Sheet


    Properties of products Mainly used in cosmetic packaging, performance and aluminum foil laminated sheet compared to some decline in barrier, but barrier performance has reached the requirements of cosmetic packaging, and the other properties are almost the same with sheet, the advantages are more beautiful appearance, more beautiful, in line with consumer requirements. Structure CPE/PE/CPE/VMPET/CPE/PE/CPE

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