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Composite membrane (bag)

  • Pet Food packaging


    Properties of products Pet food bag market mainly for cat and dog food bags, PET FOOD IN TWO FORMS: Wet pet food and dry pet food. Pet Food packaging is in a variety of ways, but like basically using materials, paper-plastic, plastic lamination and aluminum-plastic lamination packaging bags. Packaging bag shape: three-side sealing bag , […]

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  • Daily Chemical Product Laminated Film (Bag)


    Properties of products The contents of Shampoo, hair dye, mask, containing many media, packaging, materials have a strong corrosive, resulting in high packaging rate, therefore, packaging materials, to modify, to meet the requirements of corrosion resistance. Structure PET/CPE、PET/VMPET/CPE、PET/VMPET/PE/ CPE

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  • Lidding Film


    Properties of products The main packaging for jelly bean products, PP, PS Cup body sealed with the material, with the advantages of easy to peel, package quality, warranty, such products need to be packed at 80-100 °c temperature, 30-40 minutes sterilization. Structure PET/VMPET/CPE/EVABOPA/CPE/EVA

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  • Laminated film (Bag) for Food Packaging


    Properties of products The contents are baked.products Dry goods and other recreational food products, such as moisture resistance and oxygen resistance have certain requirements. Structure BOPP/CPE(CPP)BOPPNMCPPBOPPNMPET/CPE(CPP)

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  • Frozen Laminated Packaging Film (Bag)


    Properties of products Regularly for refrigerated at 0℃ to -18℃. The product with high requirements needs to be refrigerated at -30℃ to -40℃, and the packaging can still keep the strength and the integrality due to the good cold resistance. Therefore choosing the BOPP to be the outer wrapper, the CPE to be the inner […]

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  • Boil&Digesting Film (Bag)


    Properties of products Boiled in water at 85-110 °C, for 15-45 minutes, by sterilization to extend the shelf-life of content, this way of shelf-life is relatively short, generally within 3-6 months. Cooking is in a certain pressure, temperature in 121-135 °c water, through sterilization to extend the shelf life of content, this way sterilization is […]

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